Who We Are

About us

Mather Engineering Ltd are experienced tool makers who provide high quality mould tools for the expanding foam industry. We have also been involved in manufacturing prototypes for some of the leading automotive companies.

Based in the Greater London suburb of Barking, tools are supplied globally via our advantageous position close to both major roads and airports.

Our Capabilities

  1. Mould tools for EPP and EPS components
  2. Mould tools for rotational moulding
  3. Mould tools for rubber moulding
  4. 3D scanning and reports
  5. Piece part design
  6. CNC cut pre-production samples
  7. Comprehensive 3D tool design with tooling specification pack
  8. Castings
  9. Assembly fixtures
  10. Gauge design and manufacture
  11. Low quantity batch component machining
  12. Manufacturing prototypes

Want To Work For Us?

We're hiring engineers

We're currently looking for qualified engineers with experience. If that's you then why not contact us?