Our History

Family run since 1922

Mather Engineering Ltd was originally founded as M Mather and Sons in 1922 as a master pattern and model making company. In 1966 Mather Engineering was formed in order to supply prototype components to the automotive industry and EPS mould tools to the foam industry in the UK. In 1999 the two companies merged under the name Mather Engineering Ltd which it remains today as a fourth-generation family owned business.

Mather Engineering Ltd is well recognised throughout the EPS/EPP industry. It has a wealth of experience gathered from its 50+ years of service. Mather Engineering Ltd operates with a team of qualified engineers, machinists, and CAD/CAM programmers; some of whom have been employed in the company for over 30 years. The company is continuously evolving and developing in order to respond to decreasing lead times and today’s competitive market. A full range of services are on offer which encompass the entire process from initial conception through to final completion and delivery of product.

Mather Engineering are involved in various Mould industries. We offer high quality British tooling to the Rotational, Rubber, Vacuum forming, and Rim moulding. To date we have produced various complex moulds tools for industries listed above. These from 5mm to 1800mm, this is only achievable as we have a wide range of machine capacities. We find these industries just as challenging as the EPP and EPS tools we continue to provide.

Mather Engineering Ltd is well established and rewards its success to its team of highly qualified personnel who deliver quality products time and time again. The majority of our work focusses on the manufacturing EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) products.

Strategically located in the Greater London area, we have an advantageous position to supply both nationally and internationally.